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Training Academy, Massage & Holistic Therapies

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Holistic & Massage Therapy Centre

My new journey to your new journey let's do it together.

24th January 2022

Do you sometimes feel as if you have no time for yourself and are just busy being busy facilitating everyone else's lives?

I truly believe that we all need to keep growing and learning, it is why we are alive and here.

We should all constantly develop ourselves, make changes, overcome anything holding us back from taking risks and living the life we should be living.

Sometimes the fear of the unknown keeps us in our safe bubbles, living the lives we have always led, the same old job that pays the bills but no longer fills you with any passion or enjoyment, relationships that feel a bit stale and need ignited again. The same routine every day and every week that is controlled by the clock and expectations.

Clarity comes before Action.

Our free introductory journey helps you identify where you need to spend more time and focus your attention in your life to begin to create your life balance, discover your authentic new self, finding your happiness.

I absolutely love what I do, helping women with my unique holistic wisdom programme, my new video journeys has been a new journey for me, being totally out of my comfort zone.

Talking on video and developing professionally is an important step for me to discovering more about myself.

As the journeys progressed as did I, my confidence grew, and my-self judgement softened. Yes, it is definitely a little rusty in presentation but certainly not in content.

This is me, the authentic self, always growing, living with passion and love for all I do and have and I would like to help other women do the same.

So, if you would like to start growing and come out of your comfort zone as I have then I welcome you to your new life, as we are always at the beginning of something. Let it be the beginning of yourself with me taking you step by step, holding your hand through these five journeys.

Our Blog

Holistic & Massage Therapy Centre

Big Girls Brave Pants 

3rd January 2022

Getting my big girl’s brave pants on!!

I always have big dreams and goals and I am absolutely sure I drive my husband and children mad at times as I am always doing something and pushing myself.

Sometimes it is just an idea that evolves through my intention to create something new and exciting with my work, which is where my big girls’ brave pants come in today!

18 years ago, I qualified as a holistic life coach, and I have loved being able to help all my clients with Holistic wisdom.

Two years ago, I had a seed of an idea, a goal, to write courses for women!

300 hours of writing later, I completed women’s health & holistic wellbeing courses for personal and professional development.

My leap of faith and courage into the next level of ‘women’s health & holistic wellbeing courses and coaching to be purchased online as video presentations in five journeys with a free introduction is now needing my big girl brave pants to launch it!!!

The content was the easy bit as I have so much amazing content to work on, creating the graphics for the slide shows was really enjoyable as I love being creative, being sat Infront of a video and talking, potentially putting myself out there to the big world was as scary as hell!

After many re-takes as I was being too self-critical and felt not as professional as someone sat in a sound studio. I thought it’s just me! love me, hate me it’s just me, sat in my kitchen in my wonderful crazy home to other women in their cosy homes.

So, putting my big girl brave pants today is launching my videos to you and the world.

I help women identify the life they want using my unique holistic wisdom programme a transformational formula for you where small shifts make big shifts. A truly holistic approach to enhance your wellbeing and health, creating the new way you want to be.

I would love to connect with you all xx

Our Blog

Holistic & Massage therapy blog

What is Reiki?

9th September 2021


Reiki is energy, a beautiful, discreet yet powerful energy that everyone can become attuned to. The attunement to Reiki is a sacred process that opens up your energy channels and chakras to receive a higher vibration of energy.

Energy is the vibration of life, energy is life!

Sometimes our energy becomes low and needs boosted and lifted, other times our energy feels out of balance and needs realigned. Reiki energy is like the fuel pump for your energy and the balancer for all our energy centres.

So don’t underestimate the power of Reiki, some people say its spiritual or hippie rubbish, but they haven’t tried it, when you need a difference Reiki is the difference you need.

Whether that is Reiki within a treatment or on yourself once you are attuned to Reiki.

I have seen the difference Reiki has made with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, cancer, infertility, loss of meaning in life, emotional loss, head smog, strokes, low immune system and the list goes on and on…..

The reason why people get attuned to Reiki is personal, for Spiritual growth to find their path in life, for their wellbeing & vibrant health for the long term, because they want to help themselves or other people, maybe someone they love.

When you receive a Reiki therapy treatment you are fully clothed and are all warm and snuggly on the couch/bed, you may feel hands on your head and the extremities of your body like your shoulders, arms, legs and feet but over your centre of your body our Reiki hands move above within your etheric body. You may feel energy move, warmth, cold, tingling, you may see colours or even visions, you may not see or feel anything, but you can be rest assured that Reiki is working with your own energy and what is needed will happen for that session. The experience is very calming, safe and you feel your body melt into the bed with the deepest feeling of relaxation.

Reiki goes where it is most needed and the amount you need is channelled through.

Each Reiki therapy session is like an onion, peeling away the layers to remove energy you no longer need (negative energy, stress, toxins) and healing takes place one layer at a time.

Most people will feel balanced and re-energised, rejuvenated with improved well being after four sessions, with just the need for pick me up Reiki sessions.

Before you go for a Reiki therapy, have an intention and trust the energy will follow.

When you receive a Reiki attunement , you are sat on a chair, the reiki master teacher does a meditation to bring in the Reiki energy, you have your eyes closed as the Reiki master teacher performs her sacred attunement process.

It is the energy of your reiki master teacher and yourself that makes this the most amazing experience to receive and to give. It always feels a huge privilege to me attuning people to Reiki. Make sure you choose your reiki master teacher wisely and that your energies are aligned together and that you feel comfortable.

The experience is different for everyone that receives an attunement, and what is needed for you will happen.

In my experience, I have found there is always a shift and a change that comes after an attunement that helps bring you into alignment with your life.

Sometimes it is new job opportunity, a new home, an understanding of your soul purpose and what you are here for.

I have had four attunements to Reiki master over a 10-year period, each attunement created different shifts in my life; Reiki 1 simplified my life, and I knew what was important following my values and didn’t worry about the rest. Reiki 2 was a spiritual experience, and I grew as a practitioner. Reiki 3 (ART) to be honest I didn’t feel much after this attunement.

Reiki master teacher created a clearance in my life, and I walked away from people that did not bring love and happiness in my life.

This was over 12 years ago, and I constantly grow within my life and Reiki as for me Reiki is me and we are one.

If you would like to know more, just get in touch I would love to chat with you about how I can help you with Reiki.

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Holistic & Therapy Blog

Massage in Holistic therapy

25th June 2021

Massage in holistic therapy

Massage is not just 6 strokes here and 6 strokes there, it is about making a difference.

Massage creates relaxation, releases endorphins to produce feelings of happiness and wellbeing and gives you the lovely feeling of calmness.

Holistic therapists look deeper to how your body has reacted to stress and life and help you look after yourself to.

What my clients say to me

“I didn’t know my arms were disconnected from my body until you massaged them back together”

“I thought that lump / bump was just bone”

“My legs feel so light and as if walking on air”

“My neck feels longer”

“Every cell of my body is smiling”

“I never want to leave this couch and room’

‘Can I stay all day?”

I really should start taking before and after pictures!

Before when the shoulders are up to the ears, the neck is hiding in there somewhere, the body is so tight and tense, hands even clenched, the back sometimes looks as if concertinaed into twists of tightness, an inflamed bump forming at the base of the neck from too much computer work. Legs that are tight, tense, sometimes with hard formations from sitting on a chair all day, lumpy, bumpy, mottled and pale.

Ankles are puffy, arms are tight with creaky joints, scalps are tight with tension, faces imprinted with frowns and tension wrinkles.

After when the shoulders are stretched and soothed back down into place, the neck lengthened and relaxed, the body softened, relaxed, stretched and soothed as all the tight muscle fibres have been broken down, muscles released from pressing tight into the spine, creating space for blood circulation, toxin release and oxygen to once again flow.

Knots have been released, soothed and pushed away, the back looks relaxed and long with a happy spine once again. Legs look amazing as all the heaviness, tightness and hard muscles fibres are all soothed, stretched and broken down to give happy light legs with improved blood circulation, increased lymph release, tighter healthy-looking flesh and skin.

Ankles release the toxins and water retention and come back to life, arms have the tightness soothed away and joints move easily, scalps are released and faces uplifted and free from deep lines and looking vibrant.

Meridians are activated, unblocked and flowing, blood circulation is improved, lymph system is stimulated, stress hormones reduced, joints are more flexible and mobile, muscle tension is released

Massage does not have to be a painful process either, under the healing soothing touch of a holistic therapist the muscles soon relax and allows knots and bumps to be soothed, stretched and pushed away.

Another good thing about massage is it exercises your muscles, tones and firms them up, so you not only feel great but look great afterwards.

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Holistic and Therapy Blog 

CBD Blog

19th June 2021

CBD Blog

As a holistic therapist I often get asked about CBD oil.

This feels a big subject to answer and I always try to come from my own personal experience when answering and to the best of my knowledge.

Personally, I have used CBD oil, I have hemp CBD Capsules that I use daily or at least when I remember! This has helped me with stress, anxiety and other symptoms related to the peri-menopause.

I have given my dogs CBD oil for the last five years at least, and I really think it has made a big difference in fighting of cancer, increased energy and movement and keep them well.

From my understanding CBD works naturally with our body system to create balance where it is needed, heal our bodies and block pain.

I read a while ago that Cannabis finds the rogue cells we don’t want in our body and suffocates them from oxygen, so they die, which is why I have always had the belief that CBD in whatever form kills cancer.

I have done a little research for my blog to help me get the information as correct as I can, I am sure some of you may be able to add to this information

The basic information on CBD

Researchers are still learning about the impact on our body although been around for thousands of years.

What is it?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol found in marijuana and hemp, it is a naturally occurring substance and used in lots of products like oils and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is another compound found in the cannabis plant that makes you feel high as is psychoactive.

Full-spectrum CBD still shouldn't cause you to feel “high.” though, this depends on the product's potency and your dosage.

The plant Cannabis sativa has two primary species, hemp and marijuana. Both contain CBD, but there's a much higher percentage in hemp, which also has very low (less than 0.3%) levels of THC compared to marijuana.

When people talk about hemp oil, they're referring to oil extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. There are no cannabinoids—CBD or THC—in hemp oil. This ingredient is packed with healthy fats and often appears in beauty products for its moisturising benefits.

CBD oil is considered to be a medicine in the UK

The UK has permitted CBD oil sale as a ‘nutritional supplement’ for a while now. However, recently CBD oil was reclassified to be a “medicine.” So, the British government has started to recognise the many health benefits of CBD products like CBD oil.


Researchers have found CBD oil to have many positive effects on seriously ill people

Research has found CBD oil to be of potential medicinal use in:

o Cancer treatment

o Pain relief

o Acne prevention

o Controlling epileptic seizures

o Anxiety relief

Our CB2 receptors.

Our CB2 receptors are in the peripheral nervous system, influencing pain, and inflammation.

CBD influences (activates) our cannabinoid receptors in some way, the enzymes break down the cannabinoids, the endocannabinoids look to bind with receptors.

Turns your frown upside down

cannabis binds to the receptors in your brain that promote anandamide, making it a great antidepressant. (chocolate does this to)

Cannabis & Cancer

Cannabis has shown promising results with its ability to kill cancer. It has been shown to treat not just the symptoms of chemotherapy that most people think of, like vomiting or loss of appetite, but it actually treats the cancer symptoms.

It can control pain not just of cancer but of cancer meds. It has shown potential to kill the cancer cells themselves. It's not yet on the market as an FDA approved or internationally approved medication, but cannabis can kill one of the biggest health concerns in the world and soon enough, it just might be a simple prescription.

Women’s health issues.

CBD is extremely useful when it comes to women’s health issues

May be beneficial for women to help alleviate symptoms during their period, controlling menstrual pain, reducing bloating and stabilising mood.

What may CBD help with?



Chronic pain

Relief of pain & inflammation associated with arthritis.

Cannabis brings with it many powerful benefits that can make lives bearable, remove pain, and fight cancer.

Some side effects of CBD

Dry mouth

Reduced appetite.




CBD may interact with other medications you are taking such as blood thinners.

Concern of using CBD

Unreliability of the purity and dosage of CBD in products.

Our Blog

Holistic and therapy blog

relax & breathe to take care of your cortisol

June 2021

I am writing this blog about cortisol because I think as women, we need to be more aware of this hormone in our stressful very busy lives.

Just stop for a moment and think about your life and how stressed you feel, do you have weight gain that you cannot lose, do you have memory loss and brain fog, feel tired but still push your body to try and lose weight by doing exercise classes, running or going to the gym most days?

What if your body is creating more cortisol through your busy stressful lifestyle and the high impact gym training and running and all those things you are doing to try and lose weight are actually increasing your cortisol which is increasing your weight gain.

Cortisol is a stress hormone released by your adrenal glands make and release the hormone cortisol into your blood stream.

Cortisol helps your body deal with stressful situations as your brain triggers its release in response to many different kinds of stress, however when cortisol levels are too high for too long this hormone can hurt you more than it helps.

Overtime high levels of cortisol may cause weight gain, high blood pressure, disrupts sleep, negatively impact your mood and reduce your energy levels and contributes to diabetes.

It may cause fatigue, affect your memory and contribute to mental cloudiness or brain fog, it also hampers your immune system and make you more prone to infections.

In very rare cases very high cortisol levels can lead to crushing’s syndrome a very rare but serious disease, fortunately there are many things you can do to reduce your levels.

Lifestyle diet and relaxation tips to lower your cortisol levels;

No caffeine at night.

Limit exposure to bright light at night.

Limit distractions before bed.

Take naps.

Have adequate sleep, go to bed each night at the same time wake up at the same time and get out in the sunshine.

Limit alcohol

Exercise but not too much only doing moderate exercise using 40 to 60% of maximum effort.

Avoid stressful thinking, try mindfulness and replace worrying or anxiety with thoughts of gratitude and positivity.

Listen to relaxing music for 30 minutes every day.

Have fun, cortisol levels decrease in response to laughter.

Develop a hobby like gardening to decrease your levels.

Look after your own happiness.

Maintain healthy relationships, friends and family are a great source of happiness in life as well as great stress.

Try not to be judgemental, be empathic and forgiving to create a stable and warm family life.

Interact with a pet, studies show that interacting with an animal companion reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels.

Be your best self, feelings of shame guilt or inadequacy can later create negative thinking and elevated cortisol.

Develop a habit of forgiving others is critical in relationships, learn to forgive yourself and move on.

Improve your well-being as a couple maybe research a facilitator to help forgiveness and resolve conflict, this will reduce your cortisol levels.

Perform acts of kindness to improve your cortisol levels.

Try different relaxation techniques.

Go for a monthly massage to reduce stress and relax muscles.

Eat a whole food plant-based diet

If needed add supplements.

Take deep breaths

Reduce your caffeine intake and processed food.

write in a journal

Indulge in hobbies

Taking certain supplements fish oil supplements and an Asian herbal medicine called ashwagandha have both been shown to reduce cortisol levels.

Taking turmeric, curcumins have a positive antidepressant and anti-anxiety effect and can lower stress hormones such as cortisol.

Try lemon balm and camomile.

Stay hydrated.

Drinking green tea can lower the level of stress hormone cortisol, half a cup a day lowers the risk of developing depression and dementia to, can only be a good thing.

So, our natural flight or fight response in our bodies has kept us alive for thousands of years.

When cortisol is released in response to fear or stress by the adrenal glands as part of the fight or flight mechanism this causes heightened levels of breathing and an increase in heart rate these short-term bursts of cortisol are necessary to help us recover from the effects of stress

If you have to much cortisol you may see and experience the following;

Rapid weight gain, mainly in the face the chest and abdomen contrasted with slender arms and legs.

You may get a flushed and round face.

High blood pressure.


Skin changes, as in bruises and purple stretch marks.

Muscle weakness.

Mood swings which show in anxiety, depression or irritability.

You can develop a food intolerance to any food especially if you have a high stress life and have elevated cortisol, but most common ones are beef eggs shellfish gluten grains tree nuts and some protein.

Stress and physical and emotional stress constantly within hour 24/7 drain the body of magnesium it is shown in studies at the higher the magnesium the lower the cortisol.

(Take magnesium as a supplement or have an Epsom salt bath as magnesium through the skin is one of the best ways of receiving it.)

Elevated cortisol levels may lead to overeating and weight gain.

I wanted to share this blog with you today because I think that many of us are effected by cortisol which can have a dramatic effect on our lives and all we have to do is breathe, relax and self-care.

So, let’s stop giving ourselves a hard time, we were not born to be perfect! Stop pushing our bodies when they say no, just quieten your mind and listen.

Our Blog

Holistic lifestyle and therapies blog

Using my creativity and following my dreams in my own unique way

19th May

I honestly did not just look around me and think that’s a good idea, they look successful, I could do this. I will go on a short course, get a certificate and do it too!

In fact, it was the opposite, everything I do has been many years of different experiences & knowledge culminating together.

I use my creativity, follow my dreams, I strive to achieve originality, my own unique identity my unique brand.


I have always pushed myself to learn and better myself whatever obstacles have been in my way. I went back to college for a year 23 years ago when my first two children were still babies to qualify as a teacher and assessor.

Although I remember it as a tough year with so much extra work to do and working until silly O’clock in the morning to get it done, I proved to myself that I could do anything if I put my mind to it.

I absolutely love teaching people in all different stages of learning and abilities.

My teaching experience and skills helps me differentiate the course work and teaching for each student to meet their personal needs and requirements.


Life changing experiences ignited a new passion within me that changed everything, I started a healing journey with Reiki, holistic life coaching and therapies.

I know my souls’ journey is to help people and keep learning and developing to help more people, this my lifelong pursuit.

Learning and training in many different holistic & massage therapies has given me the tools to do this and create the BH Holistic’s ‘Promise ‘of an exquisite therapy experience for each and every client.

To offer a unique treatment, combining different therapies uniquely chosen for each client’s personal needs was not something I had seen someone else do, I created this as I always strive to constantly improve to give my client a better therapy experience.

Training academy

If you know me, I never want to stop in life or ever stop growing, unless I actually die which I won’t do quietly ha ha!

My next beautiful business / work baby was my BH Holistic’s training academy, this took me a couple of years from the first dream that I wanted to writing my courses, finding accreditation to getting my first students through my door.

I have absolutely loved including teaching holistic and massage therapies within my heart centred work, supporting and teaching the next generation of holistic & massage therapists to work commercially to the high standards of BH Holistic’s.

To teach what I am so very passionate about with all my years of experience and knowledge is the BH Holistic’s standard a ‘promise’


As you may already know my core in holistic therapies is Reiki and my journey with Reiki has taken me to be Reiki master teacher and working for the Reiki Federation education department as well as teaching my own students, it is always such a privilege to teach and attune people into the wonderful, spiritual healing world of Reiki.

When I started my own journey with Reiki in about 2004, nobody around me had even heard of Reiki and I’m sure everyone thought I was just weird! 

But everyone should give Reiki a try, it gives you the feeling of the most amazing peace and so deeply relaxing, yet it is incredibly powerful and life changing.

I encourage all my students to think about becoming attuned to Reiki because of the difference you feel when you receive any therapy experience from a therapist with Reiki energy.

Coaching and online courses

It has taken 15 years to develop, over a year to create and a pandemic to give me the time to be still and write my women’s health and holistic wellbeing online courses for personal and professional development and one to one coaching to help women find what they want out of life, create transformation and live a life of happiness, joy and vibrant wellbeing using holistic wisdom.

This has been absolutely amazing, heart -warming and so very rewarding helping beautiful, authentic, amazing women find themselves and with the special ingredients of holistic wisdom it really doesn’t take much time in coaching to make a big transformation using small clear achievable steps that create a new balance.

BH Holistic training academy is unique and the first of its kind in my part of the world.

It’s exciting to keep pushing myself and my beautiful gem of a business! And I have to as there are always people watching what I do and soon doing the same.

I have to admit I am gutted at times when I have created a unique identity or brand and see it duplicated and copied again, its as if I just share all these great ideas for people take ownership themselves. But there is only one me ! 

I love being creative and being brave and taking risks this is the story of my life.

My next exciting adventure is on July 17th a Holistic & Spiritual Well-being festival at the George Hotel, this was postponed in March last year. 

So ,this is promising to be a beautiful day of joy, friendship, good times, enjoying therapies, spiritual readings and trade stands full of new and different products.

I look forwards to seeing you all there and I can tell you  all about my  new launch in my business soon, but I will keep quiet for now to keep it mine……….

‘’Discover what you love and help others’’

Love Lindsay

Mental health month.

It's okay not to be okay sometimes

14th May

It’s okay not to be okay sometimes.

It is mental health awareness month and after the last year trying to live through a pandemic, we are more aware than ever.

So, what I am saying is that it is sometimes okay not to be okay, just be still, accept, release and when your ready move on.

Sometimes all it takes is a good night’s sleep, sometimes it takes a bit longer, sometimes it is a lifelong challenge to feel okay.

Usually everything has its time and becomes a memory at some point, but it feels a long time when you are in it feeling not okay.

Sometimes it's because you are living or working in the wrong place, in relationships with the wrong people, living a life that no longer serves you and does not bring you happiness.

Sometimes you lose someone or something that you love, and you go through your personal journey of bereavement and it hurts like hell, in time I promise you will feel lighter and you begin to heal and feel okay again.

Sometimes our hormones turn us into mad crazy women, we shout, scream, cry, overreact and feel as if we have no control even at moments when we should be happy. It’s okay not to be okay it will pass.

Sometimes long dark winters makes us feel sad, it's okay it will pass.

Sometimes sunshine, friends, music, walking, running, good nutrition & supplements helps us feel okay and this is all we need, but sometimes our brains need chemicals to rebalance and need medication to and this is okay.

Sometimes you need to let go of judgements, resentment, worries and all the gremlins that are holding you back from finding your real authentic self and happiness.

Always love yourself, always remember when saying no to others you are saying yes to yourself, never compare yourself to others, follow your hearts desire & souls’ journey and on your life’s, journey remember sometimes it’s okay not to be okay.

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

 often get asked about how I became a holistic & massage therapist, teacher and Holistic life coach ….

2nd May 2021

I often get asked about how I became a holistic & massage therapist, teacher and Holistic life coach ….

Here goes

in 2003 my dad died of cancer and this changed my world, it made me look at my life and realise that life is short, and I was not happy.

Within the next year, I got divorced and became a single mom of three young children, dogs, cats and even a horse.

I went back to work full time, teaching hairdressing, which was really hard, as although I loved teaching and going to work every-day, it was really hard and stressful with three young children to look after, love and nurture, dogs to walk, cats to feed and a horse to look after and manage. (sadly, I had to sell my beautiful horse Bobby)

Some days when I got to work, I realised that I hadn’t even had time to look at what I was wearing that day! To the point where my manager said I was inappropriately dressed as I wore leggings, and my top wasn’t as long as I thought! To be honest I didn’t have any time to do more than just laugh it off in the staffroom, I don’t think anyone would have really understood what it took to get to work that day if I had tried to explain. Getting three children delivered to nursery or at a friends to wait for the school bus, dogs walked, everyone dressed and fed by 7.30 am was a hell of an achievement every day.

But they were not happy that uniforms were soon introduced as mandatory, whoops!

One day a friend turned round to me and said I needed Reiki, I had not really heard much about what Reiki was, but I felt so stressed, I would try anything.

This began a new Story in my life, from receiving that first Reiki treatment I was totally hooked I wanted to learn this for myself. I felt so different, calmer, more in control and the best bit was my heart began to heal and feel lighter.

Reiki had a huge impact on my life and my children’s lives, it clarified my values and what was important in our lives and helped me live life in the best way I could with love and positivity.

I trained in Reiki and received my attunements and I signed up for a holistic life coaching course as I wanted to learn more about the holistic way of life, make changes in my life and I didn't know where to begin.

Holistic life coaching showed me the way step by step, and after a year of doing the course, I became qualified as a holistic life coach and I also had a new beginning with a clear path of where I was going in life, where my new journey, my Story was directed to.

I left teaching full time and became self-employed working as a Reiki and holistic therapist, I also did some mobile hairdressing to keep food on the table while I built up my business.

I knew this wasn't going to be an easy journey, but I needed to create a new Balance in my life and my children's life, be able to go to sports days at school and be a mum again, no longer having child minders after school until I got home, a time to focus on my family.

Once I began my new journey, my life started to fall into place, I met my new man, had another baby (as if three wasn’t enough !!) got premises for my first holistic therapy centre at Brougham Hall and kept learning, developing and always growing.

Which has led me to where I am now in my journey, I work in the most beautiful, friendliest place in Penrith called Adlib full of the most amazing women. I work here full time as a holistic and massage therapist and teach in my own Training Academy.

All my courses are accredited by the International practitioners of holistic medicine and I am so immensely proud of this achievement of experience and knowledge.

My newest development in my work is women’s health and holistic well-being coaching and courses for personal and professional journeys, the difference and transformation I am seeing in women’s lives from working with me on this fills me with so much joy and a great feeling of achievement.

My last part of the journey on where I am now is organising a holistic and spiritual well being festival at the George Hotel on the 17th July 2021. This was originally planned for March last year but got postponed due to the Covid pandemic. Fingers crossed all goes ahead now as planned and we have an amazing day.

Dream Believe Achieve I did and I love what I do x

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BH Holistics Blogs 

What is spiritual?

29th March 2021

Spirituality is an alignment of our mental, physical, emotional parts all coming together for spiritual growth.

Spirit relates to and reflects your human spirit or soul, your feelings and sense of belief that something is greater than yourself.

Open your heart for true spirituality, care about people, animals and the planet.

Know who you really are, trust the process of life, meaningful, peace and brings in gratitude.

Connectedness is love of self a reason for self care.

Discover your spiritual side through meditation, mindfulness, intention and ritual.

Kinaesthetic energy connects through your body in yoga.

Learn about spirituality through reading.

Demonstrate your spirituality through devotion and giving.

Spirit is what connects you in writing, gardening, walking and gets you in touch with what you love, what brings you passion and lights up your soul purpose, value, and more meaning.

Live connected to your true potential.

Listen to you inner voices, your gut feelings, your dreams and inner visions.

Honour your spiritual side for holistic harmony, develop your spiritual journey with Reiki.

Reiki Changes your life

30th March 2021

Become free and clear spiritually with healing positive light of Reiki, embrace the love of the universe and clarify your values and life purpose.

Attunements to Reiki connect you to the greater healing source and connects to spirit..

Holistic & massage practitioner courses turn your passion into a successful career.

31st March 2012

Turn your passion into a successful career at BH Holistics training academy with Lindsay Wild  a fully qualified teacher, assessor, holistic & massage therapist with over 15 years experience in business to share with you.

Learn and develop all the skills required on your practical training days, course materials can be studied on line at your own pace. 

All courses are accredited, insurable with flexible payment options.

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BH Holistics Blogs 

Blog on Aromatherapy oils

Our fifth sense is smell, smell links you to memories and also emotions.

I use aromatherapy oils every-day in my therapy work and, in my home, I use lavender oil for relaxation and help sleepless nights, rose oil for emotional balance and to feel calm, geranium oil for hormonal teenagers and lemon oil to lift my mood.

True essential oils are obtained through distillation (steam/and or water) or cold presses.

Each oil has its own unique essence and inhaling the oils aroma stimulates a part of the brain that plays a role in emotions, behaviours, sense of smell and long -term memory.

Essential oils can be inhaled or diluted and applied to the skin.

There are 90 types of essential oils, each with its own unique smell and potential health benefits.

I personally feel you are attracted to which ever smell you need and repulsed by smells that you don’t.

I use aromatherapy oil mixes for my massage and holistic therapies to encourage relaxation and stress reduction, and to improve well-being.

Here are some of the oils listed below and how they are used.

Peppermint oil to boost energy and aids digestion, memory, stimulates you, can help reduce fatigue and chocolate cravings.

Lavender oil relieves stress can help with sleep, lower blood pressure, heart rate,

skin temperature.

Rose oil Improves moods and reduce anxiety.

Chamomile oil improves mood and relaxation, helps sleep.

Sandalwood oil Calms nerves and helps with focus.

Bergamot oils Reduces stress, improves skin conditions like eczema.

Ylang ylang oil treats headaches, nausea and skin condition, soothes inflammation.

Tea Tree oil fights infection and boosts immunity.

Jasmine oil can help with depression, childbirth and libido.

Lemon oil can aid digestion, mood, headaches and may help with kidney problems, nausea & vomiting, ease anxiety and stress.

Clary sage oil may reduce blood pressure, help with memory and attention.

Orange oil may decrease anxiety.

Rosemary oil can help enhance brain power, may boost energy and reduce fatigue.

Eucalyptus oil combats congestion promotes mental clarity and soothe headaches.

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BH Holistic's for you

Life as a massage & holistic therapist.

I am so sad today, yesterday the latest government announcement said I can't fully open to all my clients until April 8th. 

I am grateful I'm still able to help a few clients with Reiki up until then but I miss my normal life. Going into Adlib everyday and catching with the most beautiful women I know, seeing my lovely clients and hearing their stories, seeing their new baby pictures, giving them time to breathe, chill, relax, download, release and helping them feel so much better than they did, calmer, happier & relaxed.

I love what I do !! Roll on April xx

BH Holistics is a promise ....

Where your experience is exquisite.....

BH Holistic's is a Massage and Holistic therapy centre and training academy and it is all about you ! To experience your unique personal therapy combination, learn a therapy or receive Holistic life coaching.

This is a safe place, a time just for you, to find help, understanding and holistic wisdom.

So whether you have a tight neck and shoulders and are looking for a deeply soothing, relaxing massage or your head is going to explode with stress and anxiety and need some healing balancing therapy  or you are ready to write your new story in life with the help of coaching, I would love to help you, just get in touch ....

Spiritual therapy experience.

I can honestly say that Reiki therapy changed my life, Reiki guides you on your journey and path to spiritual development. When you open your mind to trying something new and trying this beautiful therapy called Reiki. you realise it isn't actually weird this energy thing, this energy thing is actually our life vibration.

Our energies get low, blocked, out of balance and Reiki helps lift our energy & vibration, unblocks and rebalances. Also something magical happens when your spiritual chakras become lifted and energised , you become open to new experiences with your inner sight and intuition.

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Reiki accredited to NOS

Reiki accredited to NOS CNHC

Reiki is recognised as a medical/ health service and service related to mental health which allows you to be able to offer your services during the restrictions of the pandemic if you are registered with the CNHC .

You must only provide the therapies you are registered for, on a one-to-one basis to clients, for an identified mental or physical health condition or injury that is causing them pain or having an adverse impact on their mobility or their quality of life.

You must be able to evidence that your therapeutic intervention is supporting your client with their condition. You can do this by recording their health condition and giving a clear rationale in your client's care record for the treatment that you are providing.

This is an amazing development for all Reiki practitioners who feel proud of the valued therapy they offer and work to a high national occupational standard at all times.

If you would like to become accredited with the CNHC and need help, reach out to me and I can help you .

I am a Reiki master teacher and work as an assessor for the educational department in the Reiki Federation.

Love and Light

Make a wish and plan for the future

Lets look forwards and make plans for the future

Posted on 5 February, 2021 at 6:40

Change your life, look forwards past the Covid pandemic , we have come further than we have to go.

Imagine you have a magic wand and can make a wish !

What will you wish for ?

What will you change?

How will your life look when your wish is true?

Will you create your own business? have flexible time to have more time with the people you love most, will you find a new hobby, get creative, will you get fit healthy and active?

Do you want to help other people, feel valued and love the work you do?

Holistic therapies, Reiki thterapy and massage therapy all work together beautifully and at BH Holistics you can learn and train to be a practitioner in any one or all of these.

Lets begin today with your new start and book onto one of the courses, call me to know more or discuss which course or courses will be most suitable for you, or where to start?

Discover your passion for Holistic therapies

A lot of Holistic therapists specialise and qualify in one therapy, others wish to reach to a wider client base learning other therapies that link to and add to therapies

Where do you begin?

Discover your passion within Holistic therapies, I began my journey into Holistic's with Reiki therapy which helped me understand and integrate with energies, I can feel the difference of receiving a therapy experience from someone who is attuned to Reiki and works within the world of energies as it creates a deeper level of work. I loved the Holistic understanding of each and every bodies unique world and qualified as a Holistic Life Coach and progressed to learn as many holistic and massage therapies as I could, as each one I learned linked to the next to further my knowledge and experience to help my clients.

If you are interested and passionate in learning energy work and healing start with Reiki.

If you are wanting to learn hands on practical therapies as in massage, 

Indian head massage is a good place to begin, as you start your journey of learning massage techniques and the power of touch. Indian head massage is a nice short course to build your confidence and help you on your way to other massage courses.

Indian face massage follows on beautifully from the Indian head massage course and you can easily add to your treatment list with learning Hopi Candle therapy to cover the whole head area.

Holistic massage is an amazing beautiful full body massage, you need to commit to a lot of work for this course, but you will be rewarded with 'so much' that it is well worth the hard work.

Reflexology is a different unique massage technique using mostly your thumbs in a caterpillar movement across the reflex points of your feet. I teach this as a Holistic therapy for a whole-body experience and my clients love it! Reflexology is often learned as a therapists one therapy to specialise in, but many learn this amazing therapy to add to their existing therapy list. Reflexology is a very popular therapy with my clients at the moment.