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Wild heart holistic therapies

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Wild Heart Holistic Therapies

Chi is your life force energy within your energy meridians.

Reiki is a positive healing universal energy,

Mother Earth energy is grounding and healing.

Colour healing energy is empowering, energising and gently balancing.

Polarising energy works with the yin yang energies of your body and ensures the energy flows around your body freely and with strength

Crystal healing energy clears unwanted energies and increases healing energies.

All of these energies flow and work together beautifully and with dignity.

 'This is Wild heart holistic therapies '

£40.00 for 60 minutes

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Reiki has been my passion, my energy and breath for over 15 years in both my work and life.

I am a Master Reiki Practitioner and provide high quality Reiki therapy that works with the body's natural energy centres to heal and revitalise.

My intention is always with love, light and making a difference.


Reiki is a universal healing energy and vibration of life in all living things.

Healing, loving and positive, Reiki is the heart of wild heart holistic's.

Reiki is ...The energy shift, the motivation, the door to personal healing and happiness, the balance and harmony, the deepest level of mind relaxation, the kick start needed to empower your own energy system, Reiki makes a difference ....

To love yourself , feel empowered, radiate joy from within and you have found your well-being at its best.

Mother earth energy, colour healing, polarising energy body, Crystal healing energy, Kuan yin, Reiki all of these energies flow and work together beautifully and with dignity, this is Wild heart holistic therapies.

Price : £40.00 for 60 minutes

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Energising & Rejuvenating

The ultimate foot massage designed to promote healing on a holistic level.

A very effective form of foot massage that heals at the holistic level, reflexology therapists regard the feet as mirrors of the whole body.

This therapy is based on the principle that ‘reflex points’ on our hands and feet correspond to each organ and are linked to those organs by energy channels, zones or meridians. When illness or imbalances occurs in the body, the corresponding energy channels become blocked. By directly addressing these blockages through massage techniques, reflexology allows energy to flow freely again, so restoring the bodies natural balance and promoting good health.


  • Balances whole system.
  • Reduces stress and induces relaxation.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Cleanses body of toxins and impurities.
  • Revitalises energy stimulating creativity and productivity.
  • Energising and healing.

Price £40.00 for 60 minutes

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Hopi Candle Therapy 

A great treatment for helping with symptoms of illness and imbalance in the head, face and ears.

Growing in popularity, this North American Hopi Indian ritual uses Hopi Candles to clear the mind and all physical symptoms of imbalance in the head, face and ears.

Acting like a chimney, the Hopi Candle draws all impurities out of the ears into the base of the candle.


  • Helps with excessive or compacted ears.
  • Alleviates irritation in the ears and sinuses.
  • Improves pressure regulation in cases of sinusitis, Rhinitis, glue ear, colds & flue, headaches and migraine.
  • Locally activates blood flow, the lymphatic system and the metabolic process.
  • Co-ordinates the cerebral hemispheres.
  • Energetically revitalises in cases of hearing impairment.
  • Relaxes and calms in the event of excessive excitement and/or stress.
  • Helps with ringing in the ears (tinitis).
  • Helps to balance fluids in the Labyrinth easing symptoms of Menieres syndrom

  • No contraindications are known, but as a precaution it is advised against using the candles if
  • Grommets are in place.
  • You suffer from inflammation & infection.
  • You are allergic to any of the contents.
  • You've had perforated ear drums treatment - though the therapy can be carried out with the patient's consent.

PRICE: 45 minutes for £30.00

Indian Face Massage

            A beautiful authentic Indian face massage to naturally give your face an uplifting face lift.

Synchronising together the healing energies of Reiki, the activating acupressure points and Marma facial points with rejuvenating massage techniques.

Indian face massage free's the constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue as tension can build up within our facial muscles from the pressures of everyday life without us realising it.

This can encourage ageing and the formation of wrinkles as the face loses its muscle tone and elasticity and begins to sag.

The aches, pains and lines are a warning sign that your energy is not flowing as freely as it should. This leads to blockages which manifest as pain. Indian Face Massage releases those blockages, allowing the energy to flow more freely.

 Facial massage is an important procedure in the daily lives of many Indian people who believe that it encourages healing, restores balance and inner harmony and also encourages bonding within the family.

No expensive equipment or products are needed, but is performed by using repetitive movements across the face using the fingertips.

Not only is it relaxing and calming but it also reduces lines, tightens the skin, increases skin elasticity, promotes blood flow to the face and leaves the recipient feeling contented.

As we get older our skin loses some of its elasticity. Indian Face Massage gently removes the toxic build up to loosen the fibres and increase elasticity. The techniques used in Indian Face Massage come from Ayurveda.

Price £40.00 for 60 minutes

Holistic Life Coaching 

Holistic life coaching has worked alongside Holistic Therapies at BH Holistics for the last ten years and is now being offered as an individual and group therapy.

Sessions will help you:

  • Discover who you are.
  • Identify what changes you can make and how to make those changes happen.
  • Live your life with joy and happiness.

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