Your Reiki Story

Love every minute of this wonderful personal journey

Reiki Training

Everyone can use their own innate ability for healing.

To access Reiki you need to undergo a process called an attunement, an 'Attunement means in harmony with'

You become attuned to the unique vibrations of the spiritual healing and positive light of Reiki energy.

In Usui Reiki there are three attunements spread out over the various levels of training which allows the student to become acclimatised to the levels of energy.

Reiki is accessible to whoever expresses the wish to be attuned to the energies in order to heal himself / herself, help others find the healing place within themselves.

The three attunements available to you are..

Reiki 2 / Practitioner course

Reiki 2 / Practitioner course

The second degree in Reiki deepens your connection to the Reiki energies and removes any remaining blockages which allows you to fully open up to the healing power of Reiki.

You experience a shift in frequency and you will notice a an increase in the flow of energy and a deeper connection with your higher self that will deeply transform your life as a human being here on planet Earth.

Level 2 attunement

  • Three of the four symbols in the Usui system of natural healing are taught to the Reiki 2 student and long distant treatment.
  • The course is designed to meet the occupational standard required to work as a practitioner.
  • The course duration is 9 months, including ongoing training and Reiki shares.
  • The attunement for Reiki 2 requires a short day

Price: £222.00

Further training sessions over a minimum time of nine months are

required to meet the occupational standards to work as a practitioner.

All the tools, information and training is given to enable you to work as a Reiki practitioner, either as an employee or in a self-employed capacity.

Full details will be given on request.

Reiki 1

The beginning of your wonderful journey..

Reiki is a beautiful healing therapy that becomes an integral part of who you are,what you do and how you do it.

Everything becomes simplified with love and the healing touch.

Reiki is for everyone to learn and to become attuned, it may be for your own spiritual path or you may want help others in your therapy work. This is the beginning of your story ..... 

1st degree Reiki is about self healing and giving healing to friends and family. The attunement allows you to open yourself to a deep healing of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. As you recieve your attunement a shift occurs within yourself and you start to become a channel for the high level energies of Reiki.

  • A short day is required for this attunement
  • Reiki shares and further training is available after the attunement.
  • All attunements include certificate and manual.

Price: £130.00

Reiki Master Teaching Training / Third Degree or Master Degree

For when you feel at one with the philosophy of Reiki and are ready to be master.

When you are ready you are reconnected with his / her 1 self, you are aware of who you are / at peace / in joy / in love. You are ready to share your awareness with in the service to other souls who may be awakening and looking for help.

Receiving the master level attunement allows you to teach the healing art of Reiki as well as giving Reiki.

Please contact Lindsay for full details.

Reiki shares

Available to join once a month.