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Deeply Relaxing massage and Holistic therapies

 Wild Heart Holistic's Is a promise ..

where the quality of your therapy experience you receive is exquisite.

To love yourself, feel empowered, radiate joy from within and you have found your well-being at its best.

Restorative, rejuvenating, deeply soothing therapeutic massage

a beautiful combination of massage techniques

Book your time from 30 minutes to 90 minutes

Your personal consultation will create your perfect massage giving attention where most needed.

Look forwards to relaxing .. fluffy towels .. heated bed.. heated stones and bamboo sticks....

well-being and relaxing aromatherapy oils ..... relaxing music ...a massage experience like no other.

Holistic Therapies

Wild heart holistic therapies

Release Restore Renew Energy, Increase your Well-being and Smile within ! 

Chi is your life force energy within your energy meridians, Reiki is a positive healing universal energy

Mother Earth energy is grounding and healing, Colour healing energy is empowering, energising and gently balancing.

Polarising energy works with the yin yang energies of your body and ensures the energy flows around your body freely and with strength. Crystal healing energy clears unwanted energies and increases healing energies.

 All of these energies flow and work together beautifully and with dignity.

This is Wild heart holistic therapies. 

Wild heart Holistic's journeys.

Retreat therapy journeys

A promise ... A holistic therapy journey of three hours of pure bliss and joy .. Now breath in ..exhale and relax .. Let 

the journey begin ..