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Training Academy, Massage & Holistic Therapies

You are warmly welcomed to our 

Training Academy,

Massage & Holistic Therapy Centre 

BH Holistics is a promise...Where the quality of your therapy experience is exquisite.

About Us

A time to Chill...

Wild Heart Massage & Holistic Therapies

In my therapies as a personal therapist, I love to combine all that I do ....... Personalised just for you.

Where the quality of your therapy experience is exquisite.

  • Massage & Holistic Therapy Practitioner 
  • Accredited Courses for professional qualifications 

  • Therapy 
  • Training & Attunements 
  • Courses 

Wild Heart Massage

Wild Heart Massage is a beautiful combination of experience, holistic wisdom and massage techniques uniquely synchronised together just for you.

This is your time...The prefect pressure, techniques and massage tailored just for you to have an exquisite massage experience.  

A Massage Holistic experience for your mind body & soul.

Restorative, deeply relaxing & soothing therapeutic massage. 

You are invited to indulge yourself and feel pampered, unwind and reset your mind. 

Wild Heart Holistics

Release Restore Renew Energy, let the magic begin ...... Increase your well being and Smile Within.

Our beautiful range of Holistic therapies flow and work together with dignity love and healing for you on every level physically emotionally mentally and spiritually.

This is Wild Heart Holistic Therapies. 

Womens Health & Holistic Wellbeing Courses & Coaching

I help women identify the life they want using my unique holistic wisdom programme a transformational formula for you where small shifts make big shifts. 

A truly holistic approach to enhance you're wellbeing and health, creating the new way you want to be.

I would love to connect with you all xx

Online courses with Podia

Free Introduction course

Journey 1

Journey 2

Journey 3

Journey 4

Journey 5

Bundle of journeys 1 to 5

For More Information, Please Contact Me

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